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The "wise" alternative to paper reporting

Green Wise Report SampleA lot has changed in the digital age. Not too long ago we were just getting used to communicating through this new thing called "e-mail" in place of paying thirty-four cents to mail a letter. It took some people longer than others to embrace this new technology. Some people just didn't trust it but in time it has become a standard of doing business...even a standard of how we communicate with family and friends.

Until now, the way we provide important information to colleagues, clients and even within our own companies has been through the printed paper medium...similar to how we used to use "snail-mail". Now, Green Wise Report has developed a new and far superior format in providing information to stockholders, clients, potential customers and even your own employees.

A Green Wise Report is a "digital book" that has the look and feel of a real book with turning pages contaning video messages from your CEO and executives; audio narration to explain content; and charts and graphs that dynamically move when prompted. A Green Wise Report is not only FAR superior to a printed book in every way, it is far LESS expensive to produce and deliver. Most of all a Green Wise Report is green! No more tree harvest to make the book, and far less inks and solvents to print. We can produce a beautiful interactive CD with your content and deliver your entire report with studio quality audio, video, and animated graphics. Provide a FAR superior product, put your environmental commitment to practice and save money...use a Green Wise Report!
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